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Stra The way the author shows is genius and.

EWD 340 PDF/EPUBStra The way the author shows is genius and.

➳ [Reading] ➶ EWD 340 By Edsger W. Dijkstra ➩ – Cloudunblock.co Popular PDF Epub EWD 340 by Edsger W Dijkstra The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the storyPopular PDF Epub, EWD 340 by Edsger W. Dijk.

PDF/EPUB EWD 340 PDF ¸ ´ cloudunblock.co

PDF/EPUB EWD 340 PDF ¸ ´ cloudunblock.co Edsger Wybe Dijkstra was a computer scientist He received the 1972 Turing Award for fundamental contributions to developing programming languages and was the Schlumberger Centennial Chair of Computer Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin from 1984 until 2000Shortly before his death in 2002 he received the ACM PODC Influential Paper Award in distributed computing for his work on self st

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  1. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    PDF/EPUB EWD 340 PDF ¸ ´ cloudunblock.co EWD 340 PDF/EPUBI regularly have discussions with colleagues about what is the best way to develop code We occasionally get stuck when we run into conflicts between the rules and principles we try to follow modularity clean code don't repeat yourself etc For example 'If I do this I'll be adding another moving part but otherwise it's not modular What should I do?'This made me think about where all these principles and guidelines come from We try to follow them so diligently but how is it that we develop an intuition for 'code smells' and why do we feel compelled to get rid of them? I've never really consciously thought about this I would instead latch onto the latest methodology or framework in the hopes to solve all my problems yet always falling short This can happen to such a degree that I become so attached to my language framework or methodology that I fail to be able to see beyond it I have the feeling that one of

  2. Ruben Steins Ruben Steins says:

    PDF/EPUB EWD 340 PDF ¸ ´ cloudunblock.co EWD 340 PDF/EPUBGreat read Still pretty relevant after 45 yearsWe must not forget that it is not our business to make programs it is our business to design classes of computations that will display a desired behaviour

  3. Jaysen Huculak Jaysen Huculak says:

    PDF/EPUB EWD 340 PDF ¸ ´ cloudunblock.co EWD 340 PDF/EPUBNearly 50 years later this is still relevant and it is also discussing history from 70 years ago that is relevant Hardware advances still drive computing in ways that put mental burden on programmersI love that there are historical elements that still seem to be the same todayTwo opinions about programming date from those days I mention them now I shall return to them later The one opinion was that a really competent programmer should be puzzle minded and very fond of clever tricks; the other opinion was that programming was nothing than optimizing the efficiency of the computational process in one direction or anotherThe other thing that I find interesting with multi core power thresholds being important and direct GPU APIs like DirectX12 Metal and Vulkan make statements like this resonateas the power of available machines grew by a factor of than a thousand society's ambition to apply these machines

  4. ferhat ferhat says:

    PDF/EPUB EWD 340 PDF ¸ ´ cloudunblock.co EWD 340 PDF/EPUBCan't recommend enough It starts with some background where hardware is seen as fashionable compared to the software and continues why software will be a bigger problem and must improve Then it describes the necessary conditions for any breakthrough understood benefits economical costs and feasibilityFirst two are briefly explained and the last condition is extended and supported by manageable programs reduced set of features proofs and verification large pattern libraries be

  5. Ivan Ivan says:

    PDF/EPUB EWD 340 PDF ¸ ´ cloudunblock.co EWD 340 PDF/EPUBgreat perspective from a great mind

  6. Siddhant Shrivastava Siddhant Shrivastava says:

    PDF/EPUB EWD 340 PDF ¸ ´ cloudunblock.co EWD 340 PDF/EPUB We shall do a much better programming job provided that we approach the task with a full appreciation of its tremendous difficulty provided that we stick to modest and elegant programming languages provided that we respect the intrinsic limitations of the human mind and approach the task as Very Humble Programmers EW DijsktraI planned to restart my readings of the EWDs with this humbling article which was also his Turing Award Lecture It deals with how insignificant a programmer is compared to the machines and the underlying concepts that she is pitted against It elucidates the importance of good design and abstraction in Computer Science the necessity to share your views when you feel something about a field is wrong but the herd mentality tells you otherwise the firm grounding in correctness for the programs that are writtenI did not understand a few things such as what factored solutions mean I'll figure it out as I

  7. Shreyas Atre Shreyas Atre says:

    PDF/EPUB EWD 340 PDF ¸ ´ cloudunblock.co EWD 340 PDF/EPUBThe lecture summarizes the programming practice from its inception to its future The journey about which Mr Dijsktra writes so elouently is a fascinating view of how and why some issues such as lack of changes in hardware industry made their way in the programmers' realm It was a surprise to read the author advocating the retirement and removal of certain programming languages from existence as most scientists would argue their usage for educational purposes The lecture is immensely humbling and incredibly saturated with wisdom of programming I would highly recommend reading this to anyone who wants to become a better programmer

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